Austin man robbed at knifepoint; suspects at large

Published 1:51 pm Monday, November 22, 2010

Police are looking for suspects after a 24-year-old Austin man was robbed at knifepoint on Friday evening at Excaliber Laundry.

Oscar Esteban was doing his laundry when three men walked into the laundromat and congregated around the pop machine. Esteban told police that two of the men left momentarily and one of them re-entered the building, pulling a knife out of his pocket.

The man approached Esteban with the knife and told him, “give me all your money.”

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Police Chief Brian Krueger did not release the amount of money, but said it was a “fairly good amount of cash.”

Esteban said the three men left and ran north on Second Street Northwest.

He said the first man was a black man who was six feet tall, about 18 years of age and was wearing a black jacket and black pants. He said the second man was also black, six feet tall, about 18 years old and was wearing an orange and yellow jacket.

Esteban was unable to provide a description of the third man.