Alleged Medicap robber pleads not guilty

Published 7:09 am Monday, November 15, 2010

An Austin man who has been charged with four felonies in connection with the Medicap Pharmacy robbery that took place Sept. 27 pleaded not guilty in Mower County Court on Oct. 28.

Mark Jonathan Becker, 54, pleaded not guilty to second-degree drug possession of 100 or more doses, third-degree drug possession of 50 or more doses, aggravated robbery and simple robbery.

Witnesses said a man walked into the pharmacy demanding prescription medication and left with several bottles. Witnesses did not see a weapon, but said the man had his left hand in his pocket, simulating a gun.

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Becker allegedly took 126 pills of 10 mg Oxycontin, 60 generic pills of 10 mg Oxycontin, 155 pills of 30 mg Oxycontin and 100 pills of 40 mg Oxycontin. Combined, the estimated value of the pills is over $1,600. He also allegedly got away with some Dilaudid, although court reports did not list how many pills of Dilaudid he had in his possession.

Becker will appear in court for a jury trial Dec. 6.