3 years probation for man who broke into home

Published 7:50 am Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Austin man who was accused of hitting a woman in the head and face after breaking into her parent’s house was sentenced to three years of supervised probation Friday in Mower County Court.

Michael Allen Madison, 20, was found guilty of felony false imprisonment, interfering with 911 calls and misdemeanor domestic assault. Two counts of first-degree felony burglary were dismissed.

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The incident occurred in July when Madison showed up at the woman’s parent’s house, forced open the door and entered the home. Court documents say the woman tried to push him out of the house but he refused to leave.

The woman told police Madison began hitting her in the head and face and then pushed her to the floor and struck her some more. She was unable to call police because Madison took both her cell phone and the house phone from her.

When the woman attempted to leave, Madison apparently held her back and said, “I’m not going to let you leave.”

After a while, Madison fell asleep, at which point the woman left and went to police.

Police observed red marks on the side of her face and back of her neck.

Madison told officers the woman had invited him over and when they began arguing she started “pushing and shoving.” He said he put her in a “bear hug” and she bit his shoulder.

Officers noted what Madison said was a bite mark on his shoulder.

The man admitted to striking the woman, taking her cell phone and the batteries. He also said he broke the house phone by accident.

Madison said he stood in the doorway so the woman could not leave.

Court documents state the door to the home was cracked by the lock area, the doorknob was damaged and the screen on the outside door was pushed inward.

Madison must complete 40 community service hours, complete a domestic abuse program, abstain from alcohol and controlled substances and register as a predatory offender as conditions of his probation.