Who cares about the seniors?

Published 8:38 am Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Voting time is approaching, and I question who to vote for. Those of us on Social Security are struggling, there’s no raise in Social Security, but the cost of living keeps going up. We struggle to keep our homes, but the city keeps raising our taxes. If you can make your house payments, you have to give up your home because you can’t afford the taxes. The alternative is lose or sell your home, but then where do you go?

Senior living apartments are so high, you can’t afford them; and who wants to give up his or her home that he or she has worked for years to keep? What is left, become homeless? Is there anyone out there who really cares to vote for city, state or federal government?

People used to talk about the golden years; well, what are they? Beleive me, there is no such thing. Were the golden years supposed to mean you could live comfortably, have a home, pay your bills and buy needed meds and food?

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Perhaps one would consider buying a better car, but the government smashed all the cars one could afford; so one is left with an old car that’s undependable. If you try to buy a different car, the payments are higher than house payments. Is there anyone out there to vote for who really cares about senior citizens, or are they all a bunch of talkers and worried about other issues, not about us becaue we won’t be here that long, not being able to have a home, medicine or food.

Thanks so much for these golden years, city, state and federal government.

Patricia Tallman