Supports Gumbel in House contest

Published 3:32 pm Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This year’s election is extremely important. Not only are we facing hard economic times, but our state is facing a $6 billion deficit. Job number one for any elected official will be to deal with this unprecedented budget shortfall. Our current elected officials ask for your vote, but haven’t told us how they will do the job differently. This type of deficit needs our government to address the budget in a new way.

I’m supporting Jennifer Gumbel for Minnesota House because when I’ve spoken with her, she’s passionate about tackling the budget

issue and wants to bring new insight and solutions to the most pressing issue in this election. Jennifer will work hard to balance the budget. When the budget is balanced she will continue to work hard to eliminate wasteful government spending, thereby allowing more money for important issues such as education.

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Bruce Fluegel