Supports Ellis in sheriff’s race

Published 8:12 am Friday, October 22, 2010

Jeff Ellis is someone my wife, Mary, and I have gotten to know over the past year and we have grown to respect him for his integrity, his ability to communicate, and a deep commitment to his profession as a law enforcement officer. We strongly support Jeff in his campaign to become the sheriff for Mower County. Jeff is committed to the concept of teamwork and has shown this time and again as a sergeant in the Mower County Sheriff’s Department. In addition, he has shown, on numerous occasions, the ability to evaluate budgets and find ways to best maintain a safe county and still exercise vigilant cost controls.

Mary and I encourage you to vote for Jeff Ellis to become the next sheriff for Mower County. He will give the Sheriff’s Department the commitment to improved communications between the sheriff and the deputies. We can count on Jeff to take a responsible approach to budgeting and actively monitor spending while keeping the security of Mower County residents a top priority. Please exercise your privilege to vote on Nov. 2 and give careful consideration to a vote for Jeff Ellis.

James V. Herrick, D.D.S.

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