Sparks deserves to be re-elected

Published 8:13 am Friday, October 22, 2010

Dan Sparks deserves to be re-elected to the Senate in District 27. Dan studies the issues and then makes an informed decision based on all of the facts.

His opponent, Kathy Green, is running as a Republican. My personal experience with Ms. Green has been that she tends not to listen to different opinions and either does not consider facts or distorts them to fit her ideology. An example of her either disregarding facts or simply making them up occurred in a letter to the editor she wrote and which was published in the Austin Post-Bulletin in October of 2009.

The letter had at least two important bits of inaccurate information regarding a quorum and who could vote that conflicted with information I received from the Minnesota School Boards Association.

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Can we trust someone in the state Senate who is so careless with facts, possesses rigid ideology, and doesn’t research issues? I don’t think so. Re-elect Dan Sparks.

Jeff Ollman