Pigs tazed after escaping pen (updated)

Published 3:00 pm Monday, October 25, 2010

Five pigs escaped from their pen and led locals on a two-hour chase near Rose Creek Saturday night.

The pigs were discovered in the road when Geoffrey Lunning, a resident of the area, struck one of them with his truck. Lunning said he was unable to brake or swerve in time to miss the pig.

When Mower County deputies arrived to check on the situation, Lunning and his fiancé Jolene Morrison were attempting to capture the animals and put them in a trailer.

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The pig rodeo, as Morrison referred to it, continued for a total of two hours, during which one of the pigs was tazed with little to no effect. Deputies tazed the animal when it began rolling down the ditch with Lunning on its back as he attempted to herd it towards the trailer.

Eventually, the animals were lassoed and taken back to their pen. Morrison said the owner of the animals took the pig that had been struck by Lunning’s vehicle back to the farm for butchering.