Off to good start

Published 2:42 pm Friday, October 29, 2010

It was good to learn that the United Way of Mower County’s 2010 fund-raising campaign is off to a strong start. At a time when many are struggling with economic challenges and government programs are being cut back, charitable giving to a responsible organization represents an important alternative.

The United Way reported — and updated its thermometers around town — this week to show that fund-raising is at 44 percent of the organization’s $965,000 goal. The money pledged comes from businesses and from many, many individuals who give either directly or via payroll deductions at their workplace.

The United Way, in turn, reviews non-profit organizations’ requests for funds and judiciously disperses the funds in a way designed to maximize benefits to the community.

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Many Austin individuals and businesses have already made contributions to the United Way this fall. Many more will do so during the next month. Being among them is a good idea — good for the give and good for the community.