NFL Picks: Will Cowboys really get revenge?

Published 6:37 pm Friday, October 15, 2010

A year ago, the Minnesota Vikings were on their way to an easy win over the Dallas Cowboys in the second round of the playoffs.

While running out the clock, Minnesota called for a pass play and Brett Favre hit Visanthe Shancoe for a TD with just under two minutes left to make it 34-3.

Was it running up the score? Yes.

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Does it really matter? No.

In the NFL players are being paid to play, and if you don’t like a team rubbing it in then do something about it. It isn’t like high school sports where sportsmanship plays a bigger role.

But, to the Cowboys the play was meant as an unwelcomed gesture and maybe that’s all that matters.

If Dallas can convince themselves they owe the Vikes some ‘payback’ for a meaningless score than it could use the play as motivation.

I’m sure Cowboys coach Wade Phillips will point it out and say it’s our turn. Whether or not it makes a difference – we’ll see this Sunday when the Vikings host Dallas.

Here are the picks:

Miami at Green Bay


It would seem the Packers are desperate and they definitely are, but sometimes desperation forces teams to change what isn’t working and actually call the game correctly.

Mike McCarthy has basically abandoned the running game since Ryan Grant went down with an injury and it has taken away the play-action pass from the Packers.

Look for the run and the play-fake to be dialed up many times against a tough Dolphins’ defense.

San Diego at St. Louis

Pick: RAMS

Stick the final nail in the coffin for the Chargers. They’re just not finishing games and that loss to the Raiders was inexcusable.

The Rams have been feisty and they’ll look to atone for an embarrassment in Detroit last week.

Baltimore at New England


A year ago, the Ravens handled the Pats in the playoffs and not much has changed in the rosters. Except the Patriots don’t have Randy Moss and Joe Flacco is more experienced.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh


Ben Roethlisberger gets a nice gift in his first game back – a Browns team that has no chance of stopping him.

If Colt McCoy does start for the Browns at QB, it’ll be the longest day of his life against a top-notch Steelers defense.

Kansas City at Houston


The Chiefs have just one loss so it’s tough to go against them.

Detroit at New York Giants


The Lions gained a lot of confidence in putting up 40 points last week and their other three games were all pretty close.

Time for them to break through with a meaningful road win – something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

Atlanta at Philadelphia


The Falcons are the best team in the NFC right now. But I don’t think it will stay that way.

Seattle at Chicago


Another freebie for the Bears, who won last week despite Todd Collins having one of the worst games in football history. Collins had four picks to six completions and had just 32 yards and his team still won handily.

That’s the way things are going in Chicago right now.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

Pick: BUCS

Call it the Madden Curse on Drew Brees or call it a Super Bowl hangover, but something isn’t quite right with the Saints.

They had another missed short field goal in a three-point loss last week and their offense doesn’t look as explosive as it was last season.

The Bucs are off to a 3-1 start and could take a big lead in the division with win.

New York Jets at Denver

Pick: JETS

The Jets are rolling right now.

Oakland at San Francisco


The 49ers owner said his 0-5 squad will make the playoffs. I can also guarantee the Twins winning the World Series (although they’re already eliminated) because that has the same percentage of chance of happening.

The guarantee was a desperate attempt to keep fans buying tickets.

Dallas at Minnesota


All I hear about is how talented the Cowboys are, yet ESPN First Take has had the ‘are the Cowboys finished’ segment about 10 times already this season.

I say Favre has one last great game and then recedes into his terrible form for the rest of the year.

Indianapolis at Washington


The Redskins are tougher than they appear, but Peyton Manning is still the game’s best QB.

Tennessee at Jacksonville


This shouldn’t be too close.