NFL Picks: The Vikings were right to get Moss

Published 11:37 pm Wednesday, October 6, 2010

As a Packers fan it pains me to say this, but I wish Green Bay operated a bit more like the Vikings front office.

The Vikings saw that their offense was going to be a struggle without Sidney Rice, so they tried to get Vincent Jackson.

They made a solid effort, but San Diego backed out, to the Vikings go out and get Randy Moss — who Brett Favre has wanted to play with for the last four years.

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The Packers lose running back Ryan Grant for the season and all they have is a third-stringer and a back-up fullback on the roster. For reasons not known to me they make a half-hearted effort to get Marshawn Lynch, who went to the Seahawks for a fourth round pick and then stand pat.

Meanwhile, Nick Barnett now joins the list of four Packers who are out for the season and no moves are expected any time soon.

I wish the Packers picked up players like the Vikings.

There, I said it and I don’t feel good, let’s just forget it happened.

Here are the picks: Jacksonville at Buffalo


The Jags showed they are legit with a win over the Colts last week. The Bills are already thinking about the draft.

Denver at Baltimore


Baltimore’s defense is rolling and Joe Flacco showed he can win big games with a clutch touchdown pass to beat the Steelers.

Kansas City at Indianapolis


The Chiefs come in undefeated and should give the Colts all they can handle. However, I don’t see the Colts going 2-3 or losing two games in a row.

Green Bay at Washington


Major gut check game for the Pack. They’re losing players every day to injury and they’ve played poorly the last two weeks. If they want to think about the playoffs they’d better show up against a Redskins team that is due for a hangover game after beating Philly last week.

St. Louis at Detroit


The Lions finally close out one of their strong efforts.

Chicago at Carolina


More of a pick against Carolina than for Chicago — which looked like it wanted to see Jay Cutler knocked out on Monday night.

Tampa Bay at Cincinnati


I can’t figure out either of these teams yet.

Atlanta at Cleveland


Atlanta could be the class of the NFC.

New York Giants at Houston


Giants didn’t show much on offense against the Bears.

New Orleans at Arizona


Always pick against the NFC West.

Tennessee at Dallas


Maybe Vince Young isn’t the answer after all.

San Diego at Oakland


San Diego has to pick it up at some point and they put up a lot of points last week.

Philadelphia at San Francisco


Niners still struggling.

Minnesota at New York Jets

Pick: JETS

At first I thought of all the times that Randy Moss used to light it up under the Monday lights. I still have nightmares of his ‘debut’ when he came out and crushed the Packers in Lambeau Field.

Then I remembered Moss is 33 years old and Favre looked 50 in the first three games.

The Vikings may get it going with Moss on board, but it’ll be tough to do it on the road against a team that owes Favre a lot of payback for walking out on them two years ago.

Last week: 7-7