McDonald’s gets new look

Published 7:47 am Friday, October 22, 2010

The newly rebuilt McDonald's on Oakland Avenue. - Eric Johnson/

The McDonald’s on Oakland Avenue is once again opening its doors to the public — this time with a new look.

The 41-year-old building that previously housed McDonald’s was torn down in July to make room for the current updated store that opened today.

While the menu has remained true to the classic McDonald’s items, the new store features changes to the interior — including the installation of six new flat screen TVs — and alterations to the drive-through, which now includes two drive-up windows.

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“We’re hoping to make it faster for our customers,” said Dawn Burns, marketing manager for Courtesy Corporation, the business that oversees operations at Austin’s McDonald’s.

It was convenience and comfort that drove the company’s remodeling project, according to Burns.

To give customers a few added features, the store now has a full line McCafe, which features hot and cold coffee-like beverages. WI-FI is now also available for diners.

“It now seems more comfortable and relaxing,” Burns said.

Because the size of the restaurant expanded to fit 116 seats — up from the previous store’s 75 — roughly 20 more employees were hired to keep up with the expected spike in demand.

All those who were previously employed at the McDonald’s kept their jobs and were relocated to the McDonald’s on 14th Ave NW during the building project.

For its opening week, McDonald’s is featuring specials, including fundraising events to help out area schools.

On Monday, Ronald McDonald will be visiting Sumner Elementary Schools to talk about the negative effects of bullying.

“We’re really trying to give back to the communities we’re in,” Burns said.