Jerry Seinfeld told me off

Published 4:01 pm Thursday, October 21, 2010

This blog may not be timely, but the wound is still fresh.

In the summer of 2009, Jerry Seinfeld told me off — in front of thousands.

Let me start from the beginning.

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Seinfeld has influenced many aspects of my life. Some of my greatest friendships have been created on the solid foundation of Seinfeld references. When I’m feeling down, guess what I throw into the DVD player. When I’m stuck in an awkward situation, I always have Elaine, Kramer, Goerge and Jerry to make me feel like my life isn’t all that odd.

It was for all of those reasons and more that I just could not pass up the opportunity to see Jer at the Duluth DECC Auditorium that summer.

My parents bought tickets for myself, my brother, step-sister and cousin, known as D Rock.

Thanks to my parents, we were right up in front of the sold-out show.

I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard in my life — until the end of the show.

It was then when Jerry asked if anyone in the crowd had questions for him.

Some bum asked him to do a Puddy impression. I rolled my eyes — why would Jerry do a puddy impression?

Another reasonable fan asked him to say “Newman” in his snarly way.

I then, without taking the time to think it through, asked him to do the “Hunky Tony.” If you’re a true fan, you know what I’m talking about.

“What are you saying,” Jerry asked me in a very condescending tone.

“Um, Hunky Tony — do the Hunky Tony,” I yelled out.

Jerry then asked someone else what I was trying to say. Clearly, he was annoyed.

I then yelled, “Mimbo, do the mimbo.”

Finally, the message was relayed to Jerry by a not-so-hysterical fan.

Then he told me, in a very un-kind tone, that if I wanted to see the “Hunky Tony,” I should go home and watch the DVD. He said he wasn’t there to just talk about Seinfeld.

I was humiliated, but I still managed to laugh it off. Even in his visciousness, he was hilarious.

For the past year, I’ve continued to thoroughly enjoy Seinfeld episodes, though I must admit I’ve felt a little ping of hurt in my heart every time I’ve seen him on my screen. But like in every good relationship, sometimes you have to forgive, even when it hurts.

Jerry, I forgive you.