Fender bender leads to felony forgery charges

Published 7:33 am Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Albert Lea man faces two counts of felony forgery after a fender bender in the Target parking lot in Austin.

Claudio Aguilar-Morales, 26, arrived at the Target parking lot Saturday to help his friend who allegedly hit a car with her Ford Windstar.

The owner of the car that was struck had come out of the store to find a napkin under the windshield wiper stating that a green Ford Windstar had hit the car.

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An officer arrived and attempted to speak with the driver of the Windstar, but the woman spoke very little English. Once on the phone with a translator, the woman told police that the van is a friend’s vehicle and does not have insurance, but a few minutes later she said she owned it and had not transferred the title yet.

The woman also denied knowledge of hitting the car.

Aguilar-Morales arrived to help the woman and identified himself to police as Sergio Villarreal, Jr. The officer ran his driver’s license and discovered that he was wanted on a warrant for assault in Texas.

Aguilar-Morales was taken to the Law Enforcement Center, at which point officers determined Aguilar-Morales is not the same man who is wanted in Texas.

The man told police he had “no idea” why a man in Texas would have the same name and birth date as him and said his birth certificate is in Texas.

Eventually, Aguilar-Morales admitted that he was born in Mexico and bought his birth certificate for $300 in Texas.

Aguilar-Morales is being held in the Mower County jail pending court or bail. His bail was set at $50,000. He is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 4.