Election Guide: Richard Pacholl for City Council Ward 2

Published 11:48 am Friday, October 29, 2010

Richard Pacholl is the incumbent candidate for City Council Ward 2

Q. If, as expected, the state reduces financial aid to cities, it might mean less money for Austin. What city programs or services would you recommend cutting to reduce Austin’s overall expenditures?
A. We may have to cut on time for snow plowing and road repair. Also some public services may have to be cut.

Q. How do you plan to promote job creation and employment growth as a member of the city council?
A. Working with the DCA is to me the best way to promote jobs and get new businesses in Austin.

Q. The city council has been faulted  for getting too involved in management of some city departments, specifically the police and fire departments. What do you think the council’s role should be in providing oversight of those and other city operations?

A. The Council should not have any certain part in these operations. Both the Fire and Police Chiefs should go through the City Administrator and Human Relations person before anything goes to the Council.

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Q. Austin was recently awarded a $5 million grant for flood mitigation. Other than the projects this grant will fund, do you have any ideas for future flood mitigation projects? If so, what are they?
A. One thing that should be looked at is the funnel south of town. Area flood is mostly caused by the water backing up.

Q. Why do you believe you are the best choice to represent Austin on the city council?

A. My serving 20 years on the Council plus eight years off the Council, but never missing many meetings.