Election Guide: Judy Enright for City Council Ward 3

Published 10:58 am Friday, October 29, 2010

Judy Enright is the incumbent candidate for City Council Ward 3

Q. If, as expected, the state reduces financial aid to cities, it might mean less money for Austin. What city programs or services would you recommend cutting to reduce Austin’s overall expenditures?
A. I would invite department heads to a “work session” to brain storm ideas on how reductions could be made with the least amount of impact on the citizens of Austin, as well as the integrity of their departments. Through collaboration and compromise, I think decisions could be made to develop better efficiencies, with less redundancies and improved processes and procedures.  The department heads know their areas better than anyone. By asking for their input, we will gain their support for any changes that have to be made.

Q. How do you plan to promote job creation and employment growth as a member of the city council?

A. I think it is important to patronize our local businesses. By doing so, they will be able to grow and expand. Growth and expansion will communicate our dedication to support local business and industry, creating an enticing community for others to join and invest in. If we don’t invest in Austin, why would anyone else? We all need to promote Austin in any way we can.

Q. The city council has been faulted for getting too involved in management of some city departments, specifically the police and fire departments. What do you think the council’s role should be in providing oversight of those and other city operations?

A. I believe we hire the best people we can for positions. We need to trust them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.  We need to support them and let them develop. I think periodic updates, whether in person at council meetings or even  e-mails reports would be helpful to all.

Q. Austin was recently awarded a $5 million grant for flood mitigation. Other than the projects this grant will fund, do you have any ideas for future flood mitigation projects? If so, what are they?

A. I think it will be necessary to see how this upcoming project affects other areas before deciding on future projects. By fixing one area, we may change the other areas, but we will have to wait and see in what way. Monitoring these areas for a year, or so, may be the best solution.

Q. Why do you believe you are the best choice to represent Austin on the city council?
A. I have a solid work record (27 years with the State of MN) with management and supervisory experience and skills. I work with a variety of departments daily to overcome obstacles, develop short- and long-range operating plans, and collaborate on ways to improve efficiencies. I am responsible for an annual operating budget of $700,000 and have effectively managed multiple construction projects simultaneously over the past six years, totaling more than $11,000,000. I have been successful at obtaining funding from a variety of sources to accomplish high-priority needs and am skilled at working with a variety of people, with various needs, to develop viable plans for success.

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