Banfield celebrates raising $21K

Published 7:38 am Thursday, October 28, 2010

Banfield Elementary School Principal Jeff Roland gets showered after students throw beanbags at the shower tank set up during Banfield's celebration Wednesday morning. Banfield raised $21,000 during its annual Parent Teacher Committee fundraiser. - Trey Mewes/

Any time kids can get out of class, it’s a good day for them. Getting to spray the principal with water means it’s a great day.

Banfield Elementary School students celebrated raising $21,000 in their annual fundraiser Wednesday, coming together in an assembly to, among other activities, “dunk” Banfield principal Jeff Roland and several other teachers. It was the most amount of money Banfield’s PTC has ever raised during a fundraiser.

“It’s a win-win situation,” Roland said. “For an hour the kids see us in a different way.”

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Roland was the first of about a dozen teachers and staff to sit in a modified dunk tank, where students were able to pitch beanbags into a hole, which would give the teachers a cold shower instead of dunking them in water. Only students who sold 30 items or more from a frozen foods and gift catalog from Rochester-based Chip Shoppe company could get the teachers wet.

“This is our fun day,” said Mark Dieltz, co-owner of the Chip Shoppe, which has partnered with Banfield’s Parent Teacher Committee for several years in the frozen foods and gifts fundraiser.

On top of getting their teachers wet, students watched as kids who sold more than 50 items could go inside a money booth, where they had a chance to grab as much cash as they could in a minute out of a possible $300. Students who sold more than 25 items got a limo ride to lunch at Godfather’s Pizza as well, which is a yearly tradition for Banfield students. This year, 83 students went on the limo ride, according to Jennifer McNally, Banfield’s PTC president.

“This is a huge accomplishment,” McNally said.

All of the money will go towards Banfield PTC’s general fund, which is used to help fund teacher requests for out of classroom activities like field trips and assemblies. Earlier this year, Banfield’s PTC helped fund five smartboards for the school, which cost $1,000 each. A smartboard comes with a projector that puts the teacher’s computer screen on the board, allowing the teacher to use their computer while standing in front of the classroom to help students learn.

“This is what the kids remember,” Roland said. “We can still have fun with the kids. That’s a good thing. Sometimes that gets lost.”