Austin chimes in on Moss trade

Published 10:07 am Thursday, October 7, 2010

The people of Austin have spoken: Randy Moss’s return to the Minnesota Vikings is decidedly a very, very good thing. With almost everyone agreeing, “it’s great,” the second coming of Moss has gotten everyone excited about the Vikings’ playoff chances. For Mewes’ video blog about local reaction to the Moss trade, click here.

Vicki Johnson thinks Moss’s return will help out the offense, as Moss “is just a quick little football player.”

Jan Thissen hopes Moss has grown up from the last time he played in a purple and gold jersey.

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While Glenn Medgaarden also hopes Moss has matured a bit, Larry Diggins couldn’t be happier. “Best thing we ever had happen,” Diggins said.

“The happiest guy will be Favre,” said Jim Phillips.

Sue Howard agrees. “I thought it would be just awesome for Brett Favre to throw to Randy Moss,” she said.

Sarah Stiehm thinks so too. “I’m thinking they’re gonna have a real connection,” Stiehm said.

Because of the deep threat Moss poses to any defense, both Jim Witt and Mike Ankeny are excited. “Favre’s got somebody to throw to,” Witt said, while Ankeny is excited for Moss to “give us a lot more weapons out there.”