Attacks take place on both sides

Published 2:43 pm Friday, October 29, 2010

Recent letters complained about ads for Republican candidates, that they were “attacks” from outside sources. I wonder, are the writers closing their eyes and ears during the constant attacks on Demmer and Emmer that I see? Are they ignoring the sources of these attacks? Who is ‘The Alliance for a Better Minnesota’ that runs the Emmer/DWI ad 100 times a day on every channel? They sure must have alot of money! I wonder where it’s coming from?

This election is actually quite simple to break down. Right now, this country is careening towards European-style socialism, with the liberals in power pushing for centralized control of helathcare, finances, insurance, and many industries. Frighteningly, most of these people were not elected! Instead, they have been appointed as ‘advisors’ and ‘czars’, as well as judges. What can’t be accomplished openly, through Congress, will be done through regulation by the EPA, the Dept. of the Interior, or any one of a hundred government entities that already have too much power over our daily lives.

If you want the government to take more of your money, take more of your freedoms, and take more control of your life, vote Democrat. If you think government already takes too much, vote for somebody else. In this election, D doesn’t spell “drive”, it spells Disaster. For America, and for Americans.

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Mike Bjorgo