Amazi good choice for sheriff

Published 8:38 am Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I worked for the Mower County Sheriff’s Office from 1979 until I retired in late 2008. During that approximately 29 year period, I worked with both candidates currently running for Sheriff.

Sheriff Terese Amazi was hired by the Mower County Sheriff’s Office in 1988 and worked in the jail for about four years. She was promoted to deputy sheriff in 1989.

During her tenure as jailor/patrol deputy, Amazi worked with the SEMNTF (Southeastern Minnesota Narcotics Task Force) doing undercover operations and investigations.

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In 1994, Amazi was promoted to detective. She did a very good job handling all the child abuse cases and general investigations. She also continued working with the SEMNTF.

In 1996, Sheriff Barry Simonson promoted Amazi to chief deputy. She worked as chief deputy until elected sheriff in 2002.

I worked closely with Amazi since she was promoted to deputy sheriff in 1989. I have always found Amazi to be intelligent, fair and very hard-working.

During the time she worked with the SEMNTF, she worked with a lot of different law enforcement agencies. She did a very good job, always working well with all the different agencies.

Amazi has worked in all phases of the Mower County Sheriff’s Office, doing a great job in every position she has held. She knows The office inside and out.

Amazi’s door was always open to anyone who had suggestions, new ideas or wanted to talk about operations withing the sheriff’s office.

Amazi has done an outstanding job as Mower County Sheriff since being elected in 2002. She should be re-elected in 2010.

Glen Farnum

Detective Retired

Mower County Sheriff’s Office