Man arrested for assaulting deputy

Published 1:27 pm Monday, October 18, 2010

A man was taken into custody just after midnight Saturday morning after allegedly assaulting a sheriff’s deputy; he is now being held in the Mower County Jail for the assault as well as for identification purposes.

The man was initially pulled over for a routine traffic stop when his vehicle crossed the center line. After he was unable to provide the deputy with a driver’s license, insurance or any other form of identification, the deputy asked him to step out of the car and the man refused.

After some resistance, the deputy handcuffed the man, but the man refused to get in the back of the squad car and kicked the deputy in the right thigh area.

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The deputy then used a stun gun on the man, but it had little to no effect, according to the police report.

One other deputy and a city police officer were called in for backup during the incident, and the officers were able to detain the man.

Sheriff Terese Amazi said no alcohol or controlled substances were involved in the incident. She also said the man is being held for identification purposes as he was unable to properly identify himself.