10 years probation for burglary, terroristic threats

Published 7:49 am Monday, October 25, 2010

A Waltham man who was charged with second-degree burglary and making terroristic threats was sentenced to 10 years probation Friday in Mower County court.

David J. Slupe, 60, was charged in June of assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of felony burglary after he entered a man’s home on 266th Street in Brownsdale and threatened the man with a knife.

According to a criminal complaint, a Mower County deputy responded to the Browsdale residence following a 911 call. Dispatch answered the call, but the caller hung up before any verbal communication occurred. Calls back to the number were not successful.

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According to a criminal complaint, when the deputy arrived, Slupe had a man by the shirt collar. The man involved in the altercation with Slupe yelled to the deputy that Slupe had a knife.

The deputy, who was able to separate the two, spoke with Slupe, who looked to be under the influence of alcohol, according to the complaint. Slupe told the deputy he was upset because he thought the man had stolen $2,000 from him during a business deal two years earlier.

The deputy spoke with the victim, who was being treated for a serious health issue. He said Slupe entered the home earlier uninvited and would not leave. The victim said he tried to escape out the back of the house, but was grabbed by Slupe and was dragged toward the front door. The man grabbed the phone as he was being physically taken outside, the complaint states.

A knife was found in Slupe’s back pocket. At the time, Slupe denied that he threatened to kill the other man, the complaint states.

Slupe’s probation terms state that he must abstain from alcohol and other mood-altering substances, submit to random testing and have no contact with the victim.

Trisha Marczak contributed to this report.