Rockets top Austin swim team

Published 11:18 pm Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Austin girls swimming and diving team fell to Rochester John Marshall 95-82 on the road Thursday.


200-yard medley relay: Brooke Johnson, Kelli Bednar, Emily McAlister, Lauren Edwards (second, 2:02.84); Tori Grev, Emily Johnson, Anna Smith, Lindsey McAlister (third, 2:09.50)

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200-yard freestyle: Helen Heimark (fourth, 2:10.26); Lindsey Halsey (fifth, 2:16.11); Amanda Zahradnik (sixth, 2:22.79)

200-yard individual medley: Merideth Fritz (fourth, 2:35.24); Tori Grev (fifth, 2:43.01)

50-yard freestyle: Merideth Fritz (third, 2:35.24); Tori Grev (fifth, 2:43.01)

Diving: Autumn Laury (second, 165.00); Bailey Corey (third, 151.05)

100-yard butterfly: Emily McAlister (second, 1:07.84); Merideth Fritz (third, 1:08.18); Anna Smith (third, 1:08.18)

100-yard freestyle: Kelli Bednar (fourth, 1:01.53); Brooke Johnson (fifth, 1:01.59); Mikayla Finney (sixth, 1:01.88)

500-yard freestyle: Helen Heimark (third, 6:05.86); Amanda Zahradnik (fourth, 6:12.50); Lila Johnson (sixth, 6:45.69)

200-yard freestyle relay: Lindsey McAlister, Kelli Bednar, Lauren Edwards, Mikayla Finney (second, 1:52.54)

100-yard backstroke: Brooke Johnson (second, 1:07.37); Lindsey Halsey (third, 1:12.06); Tori Grev (fourth, 1:13.36)

100-yard breaststroke: Kelli Bednar (second, 1:18.73); Emily Johnson (third, 1:19.95); Lauren Stasi (sixth, 1:32.45)

400-yard freestyle: Helen Heimark, Mikayla Finney, Merideth Fritz, Brooke Johnson (third, 4:10.54)