Not guilty plea entered in Grand Meadow sexual conduct case

Published 7:53 am Friday, September 10, 2010

A Grand Meadow man plead not guilty to four felony charges of second degree criminal sexual conduct Thursday at his initial court appearance.

Kenton Andrew Munthe, 42, allegedly molested two girls, on Sunday, Aug. 29.

According to court files, the girls went to Munthe’s residence Sunday evening to play a war game involving Airsoft guns with Munthe’s children. The victims said the man was on their team and when they were hiding in the bushes he touched them inappropriately both above and below the waist.

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Both girls told police that they tried to get away but Munthe would not allow it. One of the victims complained of soreness in her neck and shoulder blades from the incident.

Juvenile witnesses said they saw Munthe in the bushes with the girls during the yard game and that he had his arms tightly around their necks.

Munthe said he was trying to “keep them quiet” during the game so the opposing team would not discover them.

According to court files, Munthe admitted to touching both girls’ cleavage but said he couldn’t recall if he touched them in other inappropriate areas. He also said his hands “just fell down their shirts” but denied touching either girl below the waist.

The man also admitted to police that it was “wrong” to touch the girls’ chests.

Munthe is scheduled to appear in court in front of a jury on Jan. 31, 2011.