Man charged for beating women who woke him up (updated)

Published 9:35 am Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Austin man who faces two counts of felony domestic assault by strangulation and two counts of misdemeanor domestic assault with intent to cause bodily harm is scheduled for his initial appearance at court on Sept. 30.

James Brian Meyer, 53, allegedly strangled a 19-year-old female and slapped her several times on the evening of Friday, Sept. 17; he also allegedly struck a 41-year-old female victim several times during the same altercation.

Meyer said he had been awakened when the two females got into an argument and were outside his bedroom door on the ground pulling each other’s hair.

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According to court documents, Meyer came out of the bedroom, grabbed the younger female by the throat and threw her against the wall, causing her to fall onto the bed. Meyer then held her down and slapped her several times.

The 19-year-old said, “It went black,” according to court files.

Meyer allegedly hit the 41-year-old victim several times before she locked herself in the bathroom.

Court documents said that Meyer punched a hole in one of the bedroom doors and left a bloody fist print on the wall. He also dented the bathroom door when he attempted to punch through it.

Meyer was visibly intoxicated when officers spoke to him that night. When he explained the incident to the officers he said he woke up to the sounds of the two women fighting and he broke up the fight. He said it was possible that he threw the younger victim on the bed and choked her to stop the fight.

The younger victim had small cuts on her lip, an abrasion to her right temple and a bruise on her neck, according to court documents.

The incident occurred at 56837 180th St. in Austin.