Another research bear killed in Minn.

Published 8:26 am Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Associated Press

MCGREGOR, Minn.  — The death of a second research bear in northeastern Wisconsin has drawn hundreds of posts on a Facebook page dedicated to the bear’s sister.

Researcher Lynn Rogers learned this week that a 3-year-old bear named Cal had been shot and killed by a hunter nearly three weeks ago.

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Cal is the brother of Lily, the popular bear that has more than 112,000 Facebook fans. Those followers took credit for generating enough votes in a Coca-Cola contest to win $100,000 for Bear Head Lake State Park, home to some of Rogers’ research bears.

Rogers has asked that killing a radio-collared research bear be illegal. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports another of Rogers’ bears, Sarah, was killed earlier this month near Ely.