Woman pleads guilty to aggravated forgery

Published 4:59 pm Saturday, August 21, 2010

A woman residing in Austin pleaded guilty to aggravated forgery Friday in Mower County court after a co-worker’s significant other reported that she was working with an alias.

Monica Vargas-Jardinez, 37, awaits sentencing in January. She has also been ordered to cooperate with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the branch that handled deportations.

According to a criminal complaint, a woman reported to Austin police in February that her boyfriend was being harassed by Vargas-Jardinez, the man’s work supervisor at the Austin Packaging Company. The woman also said Vargas-Jardinez was employed illegally as “Diana Doreen Fernandez.”

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A detective contacted the APC human resources department, which provided documentation of “Fernandez’s” employment. The detective also learned that Vargas-Jardinez had brought a complaint to police in November of last year using her real name. The detective spoke with the officer who met with Vargas-Jardinez and showed him an APC work photo of “Fernandez;” the officer said it was the same person.

Records also indicate that “Fernandez” was living concurrently in California and Austin.

On April 21, Vargas-Jardinez came into the Austin Law Enforcement Center to report a crime. Realizing it was the woman he was investigating, the detective called APC, who sent an HR employee to come verify the woman’s identity. The employee verified that the woman worked at APC as “Fernandez.”

Upon questioning, Vargas-Jardinez admitted her true name and said she was using the alias for work. She was then arrested. A subsequent police search of her 305 10th Ave. SW home turned up a number of legal documents in both names.