Two arrested for making threats

Published 1:01 pm Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two men were arrested Wednesday afternoon for terroristic threats after threatening a man at his Austin apartment and then fleeing police.

The two suspects, ages 21 and 23, went to the home of the 28-year-old victim, located at 302 27th St. SW, around 3:50 p.m. Wednesday and attempted to kick the door in.

The victim called police and reported that one of the men likely had a knife. The victim also told police that one man had cut his own forearm with a straight edge razor.

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When police arrived, the two suspects took off into a nearby corn field. A perimeter was set up around the cornfield, but the suspects were not found in that location.

The suspects were later discovered at an apartment, and were taken into custody, pending charges.

One of the men arrested did have a cut on his forearm, matching the description of the suspect made by the victim.