Marijuana found in police search

Published 7:45 am Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Austin man faces a felony drug charge following a police search in which officers found marijuana stored in zip lock bags, as well as evidence that he may have been growing the drug.

Donald Raymond Bakken, 34, was charged Tuesday with the single count. He has been summoned to appear in court on Sept. 23.

According to a criminal complaint, police executed the search at Bakken’s 703 21st Ave. NW home on Aug. 9. Bakken wasn’t home at the time, but he was called to the residence, and he was able to turn over 61 grams of pot stored in four zip lock bags that he had locked away.

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Officers also found a room within the home’s garage that had evidence of being a “grow room.” In that room, police found reflective ceilings, hangers for lights and a built-in vent, the complaint states. However, no marijuana was found in the room during the search.