Krenz discusses state of the district

Published 7:33 am Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Upgrading and advancing Austin Public School to better meet the changing needs and demographics of students was Superintendent David Krenz’s focus for the annual State of the District speech given Monday at the school board meeting.

Krenz supported his argument by referencing key enrollment statistics over the last 10 years, such as the 18 percent decrease in the white student populations and the 151 percent increase in the minority student population. He also discussed the increasing student population and the strain it will have on class sizes.

“Our main focus is meeting the needs of our students population and we need teachers to be able to meet those specific needs,” said Krenz.

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Krenz also emphasized teachers learning the cultural and world differences the current generation of students face. He emphasized the cultural by asking teachers to meet students’ technological sophistication by incorporating more electronic methods of education. The purpose of this is to help maintain students’ interest in learning by keeping them involved. Krenz emphasized the world students live in by stating the statistic that there are more Chinese honor roll students than there are American students, and the statistic that only 70 percent of American students will graduate from high school.

He stated that the school needs to develop learning systems and structures that are responsive, provide greater flexibility and encourage teachers to facilitate learning. Krenz also noted the importance of schools partnering with institutions like businesses, community centers and centers of higher education.

“The mission of Austin Public School is to empower students for life,” said Krenz. “If we want to do that, how can public education not change?”

Krenz also briefly touched on other school district topics, like the MCA-II results, that will be discussed at the Vision 2014 school board strategic planning session. The Vision 2014 session is an all day event that will be held on Aug. 20.