Reinartz, Hillier move on in District 3 race

Published 9:10 pm Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Incumbent David Hillier and Jerry Reinartz are moving on to the November election for District 3 county commissioner.

Reinartz received 416 votes to lead Tuesday’s primary, and Hillier followed with 378 votes. Loren Bellrichard received 50 votes, and Art Nelson had 44.

If the primary is any indicator, Hillier will face a tight election in his bid for his fifth term on the Mower County Board of Commissioners.

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As Hillier noted, the race is only about half over.

“There’s a lot of campaigning to do between now and November,” Hillier said. “I feel good about it at this point in time.”

While Reinartz agreed that there’s a lot of campaigning left, he was happy with Tuesday’s totals.

“I’m definitely pleased with the results,” Reinartz said.

“There’s a lot of work left to be done,” he added.

While the primary showed a close race, Hillier and Reinartz said the general election could be quite different depending on the voter turnout.

Hillier noted a 60 percent turnout can show a different picture than a smaller primary percent.

However, Reinartz said he believes the primary showed the race will be close.

“I wouldn’t expect anyone to come out and run away with it,” Reinartz said.

With a long campaign season to go before November’s general election, Hillier said he plans to moderately campaign until ramping up his efforts in the final month of the campaign.

“I think people are more tuned into the elections in October than they are in August,” Hillier said.

Reinartz said he plans to increase his campaigning with signs and other methods as he continues the race.

“We’ll have to just get out and keep campaigning,” he said.

Hillier said he’ll continue to promote his experience as he campaigns. As part of that, he’s been informing voters of how the county is ranked 82 out of 87 counties (87 being the lowest) in real estate taxes per person.

Reinartz also plans to focus on taxes and the budget as he campaigns. Reinartz is promoting a zero percent increase to the county’s tax levy, saying he’d wish to make the necessary cuts to keep the financial burden from falling on the taxpayers.

Both Hillier and Reinartz thanked the voters, and urged people to vote in November’s general election.

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