Dobbins Creek area may attract new homes

Published 7:45 am Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jim and Jayna Heimark should soon have a few new neighbors.

The couple, who live on 28th Street in northeast Austin near Dobbins Creek, successfully petitioned City Council on Monday to rezone their 11-acre property as a planned development district, meaning the land will be broken into four for-sale lots. Those lots will then be turned into new single-family homes as interested residents come forward and buy.

Jayna Heimark said she’s been working on this process for about a year, adding that she’s gotten inquires from about 10 potential suitors already. However, Jayna Heimark doesn’t expect any new homes to pop up this year, as a new road and new sewer lines still need to be installed in the area.

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The area the Heimarks live in is quite wooded, which makes the planned development district classification ideal — per city code, such zoning areas are intended to provide an “enjoyable living environment by preserving existing topography, stands of trees, ponds, flood plains and similar natural assets.”

Jayna Heimark said her motivation in divvying up her land is simply to get some company nearby, as there are currently only four people living on the street. But she added that preserving the features in the area are important to her, as is making sure new homes meet certain standards, which is why incoming homeowners will be signing development covenants. Such agreements would restrict things such as radio towers and chainlink fence, she said.

Jayna Heimark said she looks forward to getting new neighbors, but added that it’s been a “learning curve” for her when it comes to breaking up her property.

“I’m just a mom and housewife muddling through this,” she said.