Column: Blue Sox and Hounds put on a great show

Published 8:41 pm Monday, August 16, 2010

Sometimes in sports, all of the stars align and competition is raised to the highest level.

The game is never out of reach for either squad and both teams seem to bring the best out of each other.

Friday night in Marcusen Park was one of those nights.

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The Austin Blue Sox and Austin Greyhounds battled all night in an elimination game — exchanging clutch hit after clutch hit and both defenses made big plays to keep their squads alive.

Just when it looked like one team was about to win, there was always a big response.

The game also saw two players facing the likely end of their amateur baseball careers — Hounds pitcher Dave Meyer and Blue Sox second baseman Casey Toops.

It was only fitting that Toops would drill a game-tying homer off of Meyer in the top of the ninth to set up a Blue Sox come-from-behind win and it was quite a sight to see the entire Blue Sox bench erupt and storm the field after getting a walk-off win off Craig Selk’s double.

The game was a classic and it was the best I’ve seen in my three years of covering games at Marcusen Park.

It’s also the last game to be played at Marcusen this summer as the Blue Sox head to the state tournament this Saturday.

Maybe, the stars will align again.