Oakland McDonald’s getting a new look

Published 3:24 pm Saturday, July 17, 2010

For the past 41 years, Austin residents have become accustomed to the sight of the traditional McDonald’s on Oakland Avenue.

As of next week, all that will change.

Though McDonald’s has no plans to vacate its current site, it does have plans to give its Austin restaurant a drastic update.

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At 11 p.m. Sunday, the store will close its doors in preparation for a demolition and construction project, expected to last roughly 100 days, according to Rick Lommen, president of Courtesy Corporation, the company that owns the Austin McDonald’s.

Demolition on the current building is set to begin next week. Over the course of four months, plans are in place to construct a new McDonald’s Restaurant, complete with modern decor and expanded seating room.

The design of the new restaurant will resemble that of the McDonald’s located on Highway 63 in Rochester, according to Lommen.

In addition to a jazzy new style, the restaurant will also include flat screen televisions and a double lane drive through, allowing more customers to be served at one time.

During the Oakland Avenue McDonald’s update, Lommen said, residents will have the option of visiting the McDonald’s on 14th Street. Though it may take some time to adjust, Lommen said, the final product will be worth the wait.

“I think that after the 100 days are over, everyone will be thankful they have a new facility to go through,” he said.

Lommen said Courtesy Corporation made plans last year to build the new restaurant at the Oakland Avenue location, though the company did have to wait until April to get approval from the Austin City Council. The Council voted in April to allow the relocation of utilities from the area surrounding the Oakland Avenue restaurant.

In October 2009, Courtesy Corporation, a company based in Onalaska,Wis., purchased the two Austin McDonald’s locations, previously owned by Dave Scherer.