Donkers takes on another raffle

Published 7:04 am Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When Ralph Donkers learned he had won a lawnmower that he originally donated as raffle prize, he began to think of ways he could try to give it away — again.

The lawnmower was originally donated to the Chamber of Commerce by Donkers’ business, Donkers Hometown Appliances, for the Freedom Fest raffle. Donkers, who had bought a few raffle tickets to show his support, ended up winning the mower.

“Well, I won my own mower back, so I was looking for something to do with it. Then, I started thinking ‘What additional benefit can I have for this situation?’ So I thought Salvation Army and food drive, and then one thing led to another.” said Donkers.

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For only the cost of a can of food, one lucky Austin resident could be walking away with a brand new lawnmower.

Donkers and the Salvation Army are sponsoring a food drive raffle for a new lawnmower. The price of a raffle ticket is donating a can of food.

“Summertime is always hard for the Salvation Army. People tend to forget us, while out on vacations or wherever. Monetary-wise and food solicitation-wise we are down, so this is going to be very helpful for us this time of year,” said Major Marlys Anderson, leader of the Austin Salvation Army.

Donations can be exchanged for raffle tickets at Donkers Hometown Appliances and Supervalu Foods. Look for the blue donation barrels.The food drive begins today and continues until August 14.