County approves project to slow water flow

Published 12:02 pm Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mower County’s Soil and Water Conservation District and the Turtle Creek Watershed District are partnering on a project to reduce erosion and flood damage on Turtle Creek.

County commissioners approved a project to reduce the size of a culvert at 31st Street Northwest from 60 inches to 36 inches to slow water flow in case of a flood.

SWCD officials requested the project of the landowners, and Commissioner David Hillier said this is the type of project people could see more of.

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“It’s a … pilot type program for what’s anticipated in the Cedar River Watershed District areas,” Hiller said.

In case of a flood, water would be stored on set aside land owned by Arlo Scheevel. The water would collect on Scheevel’s property, formerly farm land, and then it would filter through the culvert more slowly.

The project is scheduled to start in the next few weeks. Along with work to the culvert, the road will be raised about three feet at the peak. The road will briefly close during construction and there will be a detour of less than a week. According to Justin Hanson, resource specialist, the project has to be completed this fall.

While he admitted he was skeptical at first, Commissioner Tim Gabrielson said he thinks the project will be a good one to control flooding.

Commissioner Mike Ankeny, who is on the CRWD rules committee, said the project fits well with the goals of the CRWD to improve water quality and reduce flooding.