Column: Missing out on the best part

Published 11:31 pm Monday, July 19, 2010

There have been many times in my history of watching sports, where I’ve seen an unbelievable comeback unfold before my eyes.

Usually, my reaction after the game is — think of all those poor saps who left early to beat traffic, thinking the game was over. They missed one of the greates games of the year!

Well, I was a sap on Sunday and I now know how those folks feel — bewildered, upset, and confused, but finally happy.

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It was my first trip to the brand new Target Field to watch the Twins play the White Sox and I gave the Twins until the eighth inning (I had to be back home somewhat early for a commitment).

The Twins left runners on first and third in the eighth trailing 6-3, so I called it a day and headed out to catch a train along with a few members of my family. We weren’t alone as plenty of others were looking to beat the heat and get out of the park before the sellout crowd emptied.

About a twenty minutes later a passenger on the train calmy announced — it’s 6-5, nobody out in the ninth.

I already knew the Twins had won to spite me before he even gave his second update that they had won 7-6 by scoring four times in the bottom of the ninth.

To take away the feeling of missing a great ending, I forgave myself by saying I would’ve hexed the Twins and made them lose if I had stayed.

But I did get to see one good thing.

After the word passed from fan to fan, people began to smile and celebrate. I even heard an eruption coming from one of the other train cars on hearing the great news.

And that’s what I noticed about Target Field as well. The place is alive with energy and a simple Twins game, which used to pretty routine in the Metrodome, felt like a big event where everybody was into it.

From the moment you walk past Kirby Puckett’s statue outside the gate, to the line of people waiting to have thier picture taken on a giant glove, the whole crowd was pumped up to be watching baseball.

That’s a good thing for the Twins and an even better thing for Twins fans.

And I don’t think I’ll be leaving any games early anytime soon.