LETTER: High-flying flags were out of place

Published 5:58 am Friday, June 4, 2010

Yesterday several members of my family and I drove to Austin to be part of the flag raising ceremony at the war memorial, witness the parade, and observe the ceremony at the Oakwood Cemetery where our loved ones are buried. Following the ceremonies, as is our tradition, we drove around Austin to see the changes that have occurred over the past year. Sadly, this year we noticed the flags at the Post Office, the Austin Municipal building, the local union building for Hormel employees, and the Accentra Credit Union were not at half staff, which is the order of the day on Memorial Day from sunrise until noon. For details: http://www.suvcw.org/flag.htm. This website clearly states the Federal rules for flying the American flag.

Perhaps the folks in charge of raising and lowering the flags are not aware of this order. I certainly hope the flags have not been raised many months ago and are now forgotten.

Donna De For

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Bloomington, Minn.