Lansing residents are good at heart

Published 10:58 am Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As a recent pastor of the United Methodist Church in Lansing, the only church in Lansing, originated in 1864, my heart and interests continue to be with the many residents of the area.

The folks may, at times, seem plain-spoken, too individualistic, and assertive.  But listen, please.  They are persons who take care of themselves and have some fundamental values that are appropriate to virtues of American traditions.

City Hall has recently seen the “huffy side” of some of my friends in the Lansing area.  Their concern is over the amount of money being assessed for a needed environmental-related sewage project.  This project, that creates financial stress for many of the property owners, calls for our County Commissioners to act bravely.  Come now.  Your time is here; it’s time to listen to your constituents!!

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Rearranging the current county budget to direct a sizable amount to the Lansing sewer project would be laudable.  It’s time to continue action that really makes Mower County a place of pride!

Don’t forget Senator Robert Byrd, who, at age 92, died on June 28th.  He is quoted for one of the statements he made during his leadership in West Virginia:  “Before you can make life better, you have to have a sewage system and all those things.”

Marv Repinski