Cat returned to owner after 60-mile trek

Published 9:36 am Wednesday, June 16, 2010

After being 60 miles from home since November, a cat was returned to its Pine Island, Minn., owner on Tuesday.

The yellow cat had been living in the rural Waltham area, getting meals from a 20-year-old resident. When that woman called authorities on Sunday because a number of other cats were giving her trouble, deputies went to the residence and noticed the yellow cat and its collar.

On the collar were two rabies tags, which had come from a Pine Island veterinary clinic. Deputies called the clinic, and staff there were able to determine that the missing cat belonged to 47-year-old Beth Kohner.

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On Tuesday, deputies met Kohner on the Mower-Olmsted county line and returned the cat to its owner, reuniting the two for the first time since last fall.