A dairy entertaining parade

Published 8:18 am Friday, June 18, 2010

The much-anticipated showdown between Mower County Sheriff Terese Amazi and challenger Sgt. Jeff Ellis didn’t materialize at last Sunday’s 2010 Adams Dairy Days parade.

It marked the second time, the incumbent Sheriff was absent from a public event in the early weeks of the 2010 political season, which Ellis attended. She skipped the retirement ceremony for Tazer, the most famous canine officer in the entire United States, held at Double KK Specialty.

Tazer was there and so was his owner/handler, Ellis, the deputy running for Mower County Sheriff, but no Amazi.

My sources say the Sheriff is still peeved, Ellis announced his candidacy to the media before telling his boss, Amazi.

Ellis and Tazer were in Sunday’s parade and so were dozens of supporters, who swarmed the crowds lining the streets in Adams.

This could be a race to trace this fall in Mower County. Start watching the upcoming parades at Grand Meadow and Lyle to see how this develops.

Other than that, no other controversy surfaced Sunday afternoon at the Dairy Capital of Mower County, where the hard-working Adams Booster Club put on another top-notch summer celebration.

Pardon me for boasting, but I was one of the parade announcers, filling in for Larry Tompkins, who was grounded.

Sarah Douty was the primary announcer and I was more like a color commentator, filling in the dead air when Sarah ran out of things to say, which, to be sure, didn’t happen often.

Before the parade started, Douty cautioned me to, “Keep it clean, Lee. I have to live with these people. You can go home and hide out at Pickett Place in Austin.”

Putting more pressure on me was the fact her children were hanging out nearby, snatching candy, and her parents – I promised them I wouldn’t mention their names – were close enough to unplug the public address system whenever I misspoke.

Curt Heimer was also worried I would say something embarrassing.  Like I’ve ever done something like that.

“Whatever you do don’t call me ‘Mr. Dairy Days’,” he warned. Have it your way …… Mr. Dairy Days.

The Taopi volunteer fire and rescue squad was ably represented in the parade, showing off their new equipment. A bunch of hosers if there ever was one.

State Sen. Dan Sparks, State Rep. Robin Brown, Mower County Recorder-hopeful Jill Cordes, plus the aforementioned-Sheriff candidate Ellis were there, but no Mower County commissioners. Probably busy choosing bedspreads and matching pillowcases for cells in the new Mower County Jail ……… Sorry. I just couldn’t resist that.

It was a great parade as it always is at Adams. During those gaps in the parade units, Sarah Douty kept me in stitches, telling stories about Mr. Dairy Days. You rock, Douty!

I visited the Legion Post after the parade. On a serious note, if that is possible, I just had to see the veterans museum Post No. 146 has created. It’s impressive and full of history. On this day, it was also full of George Struthers. The past-post commander was selling building fund raffle tickets for a July 13 drawing. The fund-raiser is for a major expense in roof repairs at the post and museum.

Don’t make me have to sic George on you. He won’t take ‘No” for an answer. Buy a raffle ticket today.

I asked my granddaughter, DeeDee, to walk downstairs at the Legion Post and see if they still have a picture of a certain retired Austin Daily Herald reporter hanging on the wall and she did. “Don’t worry: You’re picture is still there,” she told me.

“Did you see the Chicken Man in the kitchen?” I asked her. “What’s a Chicken Man?” she asked me as I broke into laughter.

“I think you’ve had enough Dairy Days, Papa, and it’s time to take you home,” the killjoy granddaughter told me.

“Granddaughter,” I looked her in the eye over the lime sticking out of my Corona Extra. “You can never have too much Adams Dairy Days.”