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4-H’ers share the purple pride

Area residents shouldn’t be surprised to wake up with a purple toilet on their lawns in the next few weeks.

Starting Monday, the 4-H Ambassadors will be doing a purple potty drive where they place a purple toilet on a lawn and then homeowners donate money for the ambassadors to remove the toilet from their lawn.

The ambassadors aren’t decorating lawns out of mischief, as all proceeds raised by the drive will go toward to the Mower County Relay For Life. The ambassadors are aiming to raise a total of $1,000 for Relay for Life, though not all the money will come from the purple potty drive. Last year, the 4-H ambassadors raised $800. The drive runs through June 24.

The idea is one Linda Baier has had on the back burner for some time, and the 4-H Ambassadors recently decided to make it happen.

“They’re all really excited about it,” said Gayle Perkins, adult ambassador adviser.

The 4-H ambassadors are looking for willing people to have the purple potty appear in their yard. It will cost $15 to remove the potty. To remove the toilet and send it to a friend’s home, the cost is $20. For $25, people can remove the toilet and find out who sent the toilet to their property.

Though she doesn’t know how many participants to expect, Perkins said more will better help them reach their goal.

“The more people that want to participate and donate to a good cause the more lawns we’ll have,” Perkins said.

People wishing to participate or homes with a purple potty in the lawn can call the extension office at 437-9552.