‘Some nice, nice rides’

Published 8:21 am Monday, May 17, 2010

The weather wasn’t very kind to Austin this week but when it did behave it picked one of the best days to on Saturday and nobody will agree more than Rollie Hanson, a co-organizer of the VFW Post #1216’s annual Car Show.

“It’s a beautiful day,” Rollie said. “We put in for 60, 70-degrees and sunny and we get it.”

Almost from the moment cars began rolling in Saturday morning to the day’s final event, the car cruise, people and vehicle’s packed the VFW’s parking lot looking over everything from four wheels to two wheels, old and new. Ninety-four cars and motorcycles were on display a count that was up from last year’s 88 vehicles.

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It’s also a trend that shows the growing interest in the VFW’s show.

“It’s grown steady every year,” Rollie said. “We had something like 40 cars our first year and we’ve over doubled that in five years.”

LeRoy Brandt of Austin sat next to his 2006 Ford Mustang Saturday afternoon. Brandt frequents plenty of shows, between 10-15 grand total. He lays it out very simply why he enjoys coming to the VFW’s show.

“It’s local,” he said with a shrug. “Nothing else to do, might as well come to it.”

Brandt doesn’t just go to the show for lack of anything else to do. It’s clear he enjoys it.

“There are a lot of nice vehicles here,” he said. “A lot of nice vehicles.”

Eighth year old Abby Barth would agree. Barth spent much of the day running around from car to car, taking pictures as she saw fit.

“I’ve taken lots of pictures,” she confirmed. “I like looking at the colors.”

Moments earlier Barth was taking pictures of a masterpiece that had more than a few people talking. Gordy Cimmiyotti, of Stacyville, Iowa, sat just behind his one-of-a-kind Model 789. Its design and look wrapped in purple had plenty of people stopping by and checking it out.

The undercarriage is that of a 1958 Corvette with front work from that of a 1957 Chevy and rear work from a 1959 Chevy.

“Those were three of the most drastic years in General Motors combined into one car,” Cimmiyotti said. “I wanted something that is different.”

And different it is. The car was built by n2a Motors out of Corona, Calif. The vehicles are so unique the company boasts on its Website there will never be two cars that are alike.

“That’s pretty cool,” Barth said when she was asked what she thought of the vehicle.

As the car show continues to grow and threatens to spill outside the confines of the VFW and immediate area surrounding, Rollie admits there may come a time to look for a new spot for the show.

“We might just have to somewhere to get a little more room,” he said agreeing that having too many cars at a show is a good problem to have.

“There are some nice, nice rides here.”