Picture this

Published 5:10 pm Saturday, May 22, 2010

When James Wegner asked me some time ago whether I would do a show at the Austin Area Arts Center, I felt a certain amount of apprehension.

I’m a nervous person and any situation like this simply adds coal to the fire, but ultimately — after putting my decision off for far too long — I told James I would do the show.

In the time leading up to the exhibit, which ended its run Saturday, I pored over the work I’ve accumulated since sliding a desk from sports reporter to photographer in Huron, S.D. After everything, I chose the 30 pictures that were on display this past month.

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The kind words I’ve received for my photos — photos that at times I was overly critical of — have been generous. In kind I thank all those who took the time to view my work.

In the Herald today are examples of my work for which I feel the deepest connection. My favorites, as they were. I won’t claim to have covered the biggest events in the state, but I will say they were no less important regardless of the scale.