Gumbel to file against Poppe

Jennifer Gumbel announced Tuesday that she plans to file to run as the endorsed Republican against incumbent Jeanne Poppe for House Seat 27B.

In a press release, Gumbel said she is dedicated to a common sense prioritization in government spending, particularly as the state is facing increasing budget deficits.

According to the release, Gumbel is committed to serve as an advocate for the district, working for the best interests of the district at the capitol.

Gumbel, an attorney at Springer & Gumbel, P.A. in Preston, first announced her intentions to run in early March.

“I’m running because I think our government, especially our state government, has lost its way,” Gumbel said at the Mower County Republicans Convention.

As a lawyer, Gumbel commong works with small business owners, farmers and families — three things she’ll focus on in her campaign.

She is an advocate for rural development and attracting young people to small towns, according to the release.

She is also committed to veterans and their families in greater Minnesota, many of whom lack access to needed support and assistance.

Gumbel previously worked for the 3rd Judicial District Court in Austin, Iowa Legal Aid and as a caseworker for Senator Norm Coleman’s St. Paul office, assisting constituents in dealing with various government agencies.

She moved with her husband, Axel, to LeRoy in 2008.