GMLOS boys and girls win home invite

Published 11:24 pm Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Grand Meadow/LeRoy/Ostrander/Southland boys and girls track and field teams both took first at a five-team invite in Grand Meadow Tuesday.

Mike Gehling won the 100- and 200-meter dash for the GMLOS boys and Bryce Benson won the high jump.

Kristina Stier won the shot put and discus and Kristine Gerber won the long jump and took second in the high jump for the GMLOS girls.

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The Hayfield girls and boys each took third at the invite.

Clint Freiheit won the 400-meter dash and the 800-meter run, while Hunter Anderson won the shot put and discus for Hayfield’s boys.

The Lyle/Pacelli boys took fifth and the L/P girls took fourth.

L/P’s Colton Scherer won the long jump .


4 x 800-meter relay: Brady Stier, Brett Kraemer, Michael Bergstrom, Ryan Rust (L/P) (first, 9:12.95)

110-meter hurdles: Killian Smith (GMLOS) (first, 16.47)

100-meter dash: Mike Gehling (GMLOS) (first, 11.89)

4 x 200-meter relay: Jeff Schlichter, Ben Loecher, Michael Felten, Paul Appenhorst (GMLOS) (first, 1:39.56)

1600-meter run: Nate Conroy (H) (first, 4:51.35); Michael Kuhn (H) (second, 4:57.91); Derek Ellis (H) (third, 5:06.13)

4 x 100-meter relay: Michael Gehling, Killian Smith, Jeff Schlichter, Paul Apenhorst (GMLOS) (first, 46.57)

400-meter dash: Clint Freiheit (H) (first, 52.55); Conrad Bauer (GMLOS) (third, 57.77)

300-meter hurdles: Killian Smith (GMLOS) (first, 42.10)

800-meter run: Clint Freiheit (H) (first, 2:15.49); Nate Conroy (H) (second, 2:15.56); Derek Ellis (H) (third, 2:15.96)

200-meter dash: Mike Gehling (GMLOS) (first, 23.77)

3200-meter run: Micahel Kuehn (H) (first, 10:29.44); Chad Kruger (H) (third, 11:35.94)

4 x 400-meter relay: Ben Loecher, Conrad Bauer, Michael Felten, Mitch Scaglione (GMLOS) (first, 3:49.00)

High jump: Bryce Benson (GMLOS) (first, 5-4); Brady Stier (L/P) (second, 5-2); Casey Cedarstrom (GMLOS) (third, 5-0)

Long jump: Colton Scherer (L/P) (first, 17-9.75); Michael Gehling (GMLOS) (second, 17-9.25); Michael Felten (GMLOS) (third, 17-5.25)

Triple jump: Jeff Schlichter (GMLOS) (first, 39-2.5); Killian Smith (GMLOS) (second, 36-3.0); Michael Bergstrom (L/P) (third, 34-9.0)

Discus: Hunter Anderson (H) (first, 129-6)

Shot put: Hunter Anderson (H) (first, 46-5.25); Casey Cedarstrom (GMLOS) (second, 40-0..5)

Team scores: 1. GMLOS (166.5); 2. Schaeffer Academy (88.5); 3. Hayfield (62.5); 4. Kingsland (49.5); 5. Lyle/Pacelli (4)


4 x 800-meter relay: Krystal Sohrada, Samantha Hamlin, Rachael Allen, Faith Miller (GMLOS) (second, 12:09.97)

100-meter hurdles: Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (second, 18.19); Autumn Thorsen (third, 19.06)

100-meter dash: Madison Heydt (H) (second, 14.11); Amber Sprau (H) (third, 14.60)

4 x 200-meter relay: Jami Drake, Brittany Thissen, Sara Gilbertson, Amber Sprau (H) (first, 2:02.39)

1600-meter run: Elizabeth May (GMLOS) (fourth, 6:07.67)

4 x 100-meter relay: Jami Drake, Brittany Thissen, Amber Sprau, Madison Heydt (H) (first, 55.49)

400-meter dash: Addison Tapp (GMLOS) (second, 1:08.27); Sara Gilbertson (H) (third, 1:08.37)

300-meter hurdles: Danielle Hanson (GM

LOS) (first, 48.75); Maria Noterman (GMLOS) (third, 54.36)

800-meter run: Alexis Anderson (H) (second, 2:44.16); Elizabeth May (GMLOS) (third, 2:49.15)

200-meter dash: Betsy Oswald (GMLOS) (second, 27.69); Madison Heydt (H) (third, 29.08)

3200-meter run: Metea Voyce (H) (third, 14:06.76)

4 x 400-meter relay: Elizabeth May, Danielle Hanson, Betsy Oswald, Addison Tapp (GMLOS) (first, 4:21.99)

High jump: Abbie Fay (GMLOS) (first, 5-0); Kristine Gerber (GMLOS) (second, 4-10); Chanda Riedemann (GMLOS) (third, 4-6)

Pole vault: Autumn Thorsen (GMLOS) (second, 7-0); Makayla Loeschen (H) (third, 7-0)

Long jump: Kristine Gerber (GMLOS) (first, 15-1.50); Danielle Hanson (GMLOS) (second, 14-2.25); Kelly Gary (GMLOS) (third, 13-10.75)

Triple jump: Brooke Kinney (GMLOS) (first, 30-0); Maria Noterman (GMLOS) (second, 29-11.75); Elizabeth May (GMLOS) (third, 29-.5)

Discus: Kristina Stier (GMLOS) (second, 93-4.25); Kelsey Williams (L/P ) (third, 81-8)

Shot put: Kristina Stier (GMLOS) (first, 28-2.50); Samantha Oswald (GMLOS) (second, 28-2.25); Samantha Hamlin (GMLOS) (third, 27-8.75)

1. GMLOS (120); 2. Kingsland (83); 3. Hayfield (79); 4. Lyle/Pacelli (47); Schaeffer Academy (37)