EDITORIAL: Come back safe from the holiday

Published 6:29 am Friday, May 28, 2010

A long weekend with the promise of warm, pleasant weather sounds like the recipe for fun. Unfortunately, all too often it turns out to be a recipe for disaster when tired, intoxicated motorists take to the road and kill themselves or others.

Minnesotans set a terrible standard for roadway deaths last year on Memorial Day weekend. Perhaps we can all do better this year by simply being aware that the hazard exists — and then by taking the basic precautions of driving at safe speeds, wearing a seatbelt and not mixing alcohol or drugs with driving. Most of all, motorists on their way to the lake or coming home from a party need to be aware that others may not have taken the same precautions: Watching out for bad drivers will never be more important.

The unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day is a great time to unwind and have some fun — provided the weekend doesn’t end in tragedy.