County makes first changes to dress code in a decade

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flip-flops have been a much discussed topic in Mower County lately.

Footwear was one of the most debated topics when an employee committee made the first adjustments to the county’s dress code since 1996.

Flip-flops are not longer allowed under new language in the guidelines.

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“Where you have a piece of shoe that goes between your big toe and the next toe that would be considered more of a flip-flop and that type of shoe is not acceptable to be worn,” said Margene Gunderson, who was on the committee.

The county board approved the changes at their weekly meeting Tuesday. The general business casual dress guidelines are the same.

Sandals with an open toe and a back strap are acceptable, but flip-flops are not.

The county will have casual Fridays where blue jeans and more casual attire is allowed.

The dress code was also amended to address logos on shirts. Small logos are acceptable on polo shirts and sweatshirts, but larger logos are not.

“I think this policy maybe does a better job of getting into specifics as opposed to our last policy,” Gunderson said.

However, Gunderson said department heads can choose to have casual Fridays less frequently, like once a month.

High heels are acceptable under the dress code, but could become banned if there are concerns of safety issues arising.