Editorial: Supporting Twins can help Austin

Published 7:35 am Thursday, April 8, 2010

It’s baseball season, the time for popcorn and cracker jacks and hot dogs.

For Twins fans, that means staying glued to the television every night the team plays and attending games whenever possible.

For this season, there’s even more excitement surrounding Minnesota baseball. That’s because the Twins say good-bye to the Metrodome and hello to the new posh Target Field.

The field is likely to be a nice addition to the Minneapolis economy.

More fans are likely to buy tickets and with that will likely come more hot dog and soda purchases and fans scooping up more souvenirs.

The nearby restaurants and hotels will also likely see a boost in customers thanks to the new baseball season and the new stadium.

However, the economic benefits as a result of the new facility don’t have to end in the Twin Cities.

Fans in Austin can purchase T-shirts, hats and other Twins gear right here in Mower County, and local restaurants and bars are great places to catch a game when we can’t make the trip to Target Field.

As a result, the Twins benefit, the local economy gets a boost and it’s a “W” all the way around.

Go Twins!