Austin High School gets new football coach

Published 7:43 pm Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Austin High School football team has selected Matt Schmit as the new head football coach, according to Activities Director Tim Hermann.

“The Head Football Search Committee interviewed several candidates over a long period of time and ultimately felt that Matt Schmit, because of his passion for the game, his obvious care and concern for the student-participants, the continuity that he would bring to the overall program, and his tremendous ties to the community, was the correct choice to lead the Packer football program,” Hermann said. “As an entire committee, we wholeheartedly endorse Matt’s selection as the new head football coach at Austin High School.”

Schmit currently teaches for Austin Public Schools at the ALC. He is active as the MAAP STARS Advisor and FCLT representative. He also coaches track at Ellis Middle School and has eight years of coaching experience in football.

Schmit wants to communicate to the community that everyone is welcome. If students, regardless of their playing experience, have an interest in playing football this year they should contact him.

Any student who will be entering ninth throught 12th grade for the 2010-2011 school year has the opportunity to participate in a football camp on June 19 through 21st at North Dakota State University. There will also be a youth football camp for incoming fouth-ninth graders on August 9 through 13th at Wescott Athletic Complex.

For more information please contact Schmit directly at 433-7956.